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It's Who You Meet when you put yourself
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Now showing with
the Western Lights Artists group

a chance visit in 2016 with jonn einerssen at Gallery 421 has led to grand opportunities...

In 2015 I was a studious painter with the Kelowna Palette Club in Kelowna BC. One of my favourite things to do for inspiration was to visit all the local galleries, talk with the gallerists and get inspired by other artists work as well as gain in insight into the culture of art.

One of these chance visits, I found behind the desk one Jonn Einerssen diligently sorting through his thoughts. We started an intriguing conversation and from there would meet more frequently, until inevitably in 2022 I was invited to become a signature member of the group. A big thanks must also be extended to Charmaine Pratt for showing me the ropes of the group and generally keeping the whole show together.

It started with taking workshops, moved to an invite to a 'Plein Aire' event in Bragg Creek which turned in to our Signature Malcolm Hotel Fall show in Canmore. This combined nicely with our display at the Calgary Stampede (Jonn has been showing at Stampede for over 35 years). As a group we currently participate and manage shows at the Calgary Stampede and the Malcolm Hotel. We have also been known to do the Festival of Crafts (Jonn and Vance for Nov. 2022)
Inner Display of the Calgary Stampede show
Through Jonn I have had the pleasures of making new friends in working with Brent, Vance and Charmaine, as well as all their families. He has introduced me to numerous galleries; Gallery 421, Art Country Canada, Picture This! Gallery and many more. He has introduced me to many artist friends met through showing together in Bragg Creek, Canmore and Stampede. My life has truly been enriched by these associations.

Look for us at Calgary Stampede and the Malcolm Hotel Fall Show Annually

july 8-18, sept 7-10 2023
Malcolm Hotel Display 2022