A Love for painting

Greetings! I'm CJ Campbell - a full time painter. I have been applying myself wholeheartedly to the study and production of art since 2015 and am grateful to acknowledge I have truly found a passion. I find the study and application of art both mysterious and deeply fulfilling.

Born in Edmonton to a loving Saskatchewan family, I spent most years growing up in Calgary where I met my Australian wife. We lived in Australia for 13 years and in 2015 moved back to Canada where I dropped everything in the pursuit of art mastery. Since school, I have always had an interest in art, largely in graphic design. In Australia I furthered this career working for print companies, a Credit Union, and ultimately running my own design company for 8 years. Moving to Canada enabled me to change focus and delve into fine-art full time.

My art typically represents a connection with nature; of places I have experienced first hand. My aim is to have my audience share this connection whether they have been to the same place or not. My landscape subjects commonly have water in its various forms whether lakes, streams, oceans or snow. The intimate scenes I portray are typically more symbolic or representative of philosophies that resonate with me. My muses are either captured 'en plein air' (outdoor painting) or through my own photography or imagination. I have travelled many world destinations. Already I have a lifetime of inspiration at hand and have only just begun.


I classify my work as representational impressionism. I am inspired by the atmospheres and techniques of J.M.W. Turner and Albert Bierstadt, the glazing effects of Rembrandt, and the direct-painting nature of the Group of Seven and Robert Genn (and many others). I use the qualities of oil paint, mediums and colour to appear realistic without painting fine details. This gives my works a unique, lively effect. This is achieved through combining direct (impressionist) and indirect (traditional) painting techniques. Quality and an enduring positive reputation are important to me, I paint in oils following best practices for a long lasting work of art. I continue to refine my skills through dedicated practice, experimentation and study.


We are a sum of our experiences and influences, although I can't name all of the phenomenal people who have made my art life what it is today, I can mention the art influencers that have been instrumental in my progress:
Jonn Einerssen, Doug Swinton, Neil Hamelin, Brent Heighton, Vance Theoret, Dennis Webber, Mike Svob, Ron Heddrick, Dene Croft, Alan Wylie, Richard McDiarmid, Neil Patterson, Gene Prokop, Robert Bosler, Jeffrey Baker, The Kelowna Palette Club, The Federation of Canadian Artists, My friends and family and the list keeps growing.

I also must give thanks to those artists who wrote about their experiences and contributed to my knowledge:

Robert Genn, Edgar Payne, Robert Henri, Richard Schmidt, John Carlson, Virgil Elliot Harrold Brown, Harley Lyon and many more...


I started showing early and have found a steady growth in success in reaching audiences in Western Canada. We all start somewhere and I am proud to have shown with the many artists at the following shows and galleries:

  • Kelowna Pallette Club - 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Bragg Creek Plein Air Festival - 2018, 2019
  • Signatures Craft Festival - Calgary - 2019
  • Calgary Stampede (2020 cancelled)
  • Rocky Mountain Plein Air Festival (@the Malcolm Hotel Canmore)- 2020
  • The Gallery 421 - 1 month feature - 2021
  • Calgary Stampede - 2021
  • Art Country Canada Canmore - Acquired Gallery Representation 2021
  • The Malcolm Hotel - Artists on tour 2021
  • The Kelowna Pain Clinic - 2021 (6 month display)
  • Calgary Stampede - 2022
  • The Malcolm Hotel - Western Lights Group and Art Country Canada 2022
  • Picture This Gallery Edmonton - Acquired Gallery representation 2022